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Jungle Themes Shop > Giant Animals Stickers, Realistic > Jungle Plants - Rainforest Tree wall sticker

Jungle Plants - Rainforest Tree wall sticker (Jungle-Raintree)


The rainforest tree decal is a must for large wall murals, this is a big sticker and provides you with a great frame for your mural. When used in conjunction our other scenery wall stickers will give your mural a great sense of depth and perspective.
You can overlap these stickers to create a more realistic look, each mural design is unique  and you decide when you want to place each element.
This Rainforest tree works well whe used with either the Jungle themed sticker or the Dinosaur themed stickers.
Although these decals are used for childrens bedrooms on most occasions we are finding more and more schools are discovering these stickers. They are using them in school corridors
as well as classroms.

The Rain Forest Tree
243.84cm x 88.9cm   35" x 96"

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