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Jungle Themes Shop > Giant Animals Stickers, Realistic > Jungle Plants - Red Flower Border Sticker

Jungle Plants - Red Flower Border Sticker (Jungle-RedBorder)


These colourful flower borders decals area great addition to your mural and create a frame to your scene. These borders are over one metre wide and give your mural depth and a sence of perspective. They are a good place to start building you bedroom theme and should not be underestimated. They really do make the animal or dinosaurs stickers in your mural look more realistic. Mix this Red flower with a selection of other borders and scenery decals as the foundations to your mural. By adding a selection of these large scenery decals you will find that your mural starts to take shape.

A Red Flower Border
Measuring   43.18cm x 114.3cm   45" x 17"

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Simple peel and stick application to most smooth flat surfaces, please avoid newly painted surfaces for ideally 3-4 weeks.

Please read about "Giant wall stickers" for more information



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