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Jungle Themes Shop > Giant Animals Stickers, Realistic > Jungle Plants - Parrots in a tree

Jungle Plants - Parrots in a tree (Jungle-Parrots)


This decal is just one of many Jungle scenery decals available, They set the scene as a wonderful background to your mural and should not be underestimated. By adding a tree, perhaps a few plants and borders your animal decals will come to life and seem more realastic. The addition of the plants and tree stickers give the mural perspective and depth. Ideal for Jungle themed murals and also for the Dinosaur themed murals.
Not just for bedrooms but these giant wall stickers are used often in schools, colleges, hospitals and waiting areas such as doctors surgeries.

Parrots in a Tree
114.3cm x 81.28cm    32" x 45"
Another large wall sticker with lovely bright colours

 More plants & Trees

See the two Parrots in the tree ?
A rather large sticker that covers a large portion of the wall, creating the effect of the jungle scene.


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