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Jungle Themes Shop > Giant Animals Stickers, Realistic > Jungle Animals - Orangutan & Toucan wall sticker

Jungle Animals - Orangutan & Toucan wall sticker (Jungle-OrangTucan)

Jungle-OrangTucan Jungle Animals - Orangutan & Toucan wall sticker

The Giant Orangutan Wall Sticker
Measuring in at 149.86cm x 40.64cm 16" x 59"

These kids wall stickers are very easy to use, You can choose from a large range including Jungle animals, Dinosaurs, Birds or Underwater sea life and Farm animals. Ideal for girls & boys bedrooms and suit children of all ages.

Each Sticker is virtually life size (see dimensions) and can be used individually, or combined to create a themed wall, Great for nurseries, playrooms and bedroom alike.

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All images are printed on self-adhesive, peel and stick polyester. The wall stickers are designed for indoor use on any flat, clean, dry surface.
The stickers are removable. Adhesive will not remain on the wall when the stickers are removed.
Adheres to almost any smooth surface such as metal, wood, glass, cardboard, paper, plastic etc.
Removing stickers
The stickers can be simply peeled off. If you find a sticker pulls off the paint, you can release the sticker by squirting lighter fluid on the wall above the sticker. The lighter fluid will run down the wall and soften the adhesive. The lighter fluid will evaporate off the wall in a few minutes. Once the sticker is off, lay it face down for a few minutes and let the lighter fluid evaporate. You can then re-apply the sticker.


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