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Jungle Themes Shop > Giant Animals Stickers, Realistic > Jungle Plants - Grass wall sticker

Jungle Plants - Grass wall sticker (Jungle-Grass)


This Grass wall sticker decal works well with both Dinosaurs and Jungle Animal themed murals.
Acting as a border to your mural and a great place to start building the mural.
Use this Grass decal and a selection of other scenery decals to set the foundations to your mural scene. Not to be underestimated as these border stickers will give your mural true depth and will make your animal stickers or Dinosaur sticker stand out and give them a sence of perspective.
At over 1m wide you will not need may of these borders to create your frame, they also look great when slightly overlapped with the animal stickers, perhaps overlapping a lions foot for example.
Used generally in childrens bedrooms but 
commonly used now in schools, colleges, hospitals and waiting areas such as doctors surgeries.

Grass Border Sticker
106.68cm x 30.48cm   (42" x 12")

More plants and trees

This grass wall sticker is ideal for a border to your mural


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