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Chalkboard Stickers > Framed chalkboard

Framed chalkboard (CB-16022)


A framed blackboard wall sticker that give a real stylish look
Removable and repositionable vinyl chalkboard panels in slate grey, chalk included:
Looks just like a real frame and looks fab on a wall by the phone.

Chalkboards are great for children of all ages to doodle on, reminders of homework and more.

Chalkboard stickers are easy to apply, removable and cost effective. Use our blackboard stickers to add something original and fun without taking up too much space in any suitable room of the house.
We are including a set of coloured chalks with each order of these self adhesive chalkboard stickers.

Framed Chalkboard

1 Sheet
Measures : 47cm x 63½cm (18.5" x 25")



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