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Walltastic instructions for mural wallpaper

Instructions for the Walltastic wallpaper murals

Hanging Insructions


Your wallpaper mural will come in equal sized panels, We recommend that you lay out the panels on the floor
in the proper order before you start to check for any defects. If you find defects please contact us before installing. 
All panels are manufactured exactly the same size.

Since the placement of the first panel determines the overall look of the finished mural, 
take extra time and care to place it accurately and square.
You can use any wallpaper paste (paste the paper type) 
But do follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you have the correct consistency for a lightweight paper.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the order of panel installation.

Do not wait too long between installation of each panel or the panel designs will not line up correctly. 
The mural begins to dry and contract once on the wall, so be prepared to proceed with each panel until the job
is done before taking a break. It can be useful to have someone pasting the next piece while you are hanging the piece in hand. 
It is common for each panel of a wet panel to be 1.25cm larger than a dry un-pasted panel. 
So the idea is to get all the panels on the wall quickly so that they dry at the same time. 
This will ensure that each panel received the same amount/consistency of wallpaper paste. 
Carefully remove excess paste from the front of the mural using a soft cloth.  
Too much rubbing or cleaning will remove the ink from the paper.


Select piece number 1
Lay strip face down on a flat surface. Apply wallpaper paste and position on the wall
Repeat steps for pieces 2 to 12.
Don’t be alarmed by any bubbles and wrinkles, these will disappear as the mural dries, just like any other wallpaper.

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over 35 Walltastic childrens wallpaper murals designs to choose from.

All you need to know about Mural wallpaper
Walltastic murals

What is Mural wallpaper ?
Well it's the next generation of designer wallpaper for kids.
How Many pieces does it come in ?
It comes in 12 pieces.
What is the over all size or the mural?
It measures 8ft x 10ft | 96” x 120” | 2438mm x 3048mm Approx
designed to be easy to cut/trim to your wall size
What is the size of each piece  ?
Each piece measures 20” x 48” (508mm x 1219mm)Approx
How do you apply mural wallpaper ?
Apply using Wallpaper paste.
What sort of wallpaper paste should I use?
You can use any kind of wallpaper paste.
Can you clean it once up ?
When cleaning your mural only use a damp cloth.
Is it easy to put up ?
Yes it''s easy to put up as it comes in 12 pieces, each strip is guillotined and rolled similar to wallpaper so no need struggling with stupidly long rolls. The best news is that you don’t have to be an expert at applying wallpaper.
Do I have to strip and prepare the wall before applying ?
No, you can put over existing wallpaper if you wish.
Is easy to take off ?
It is the same as taking off wallpaper.
What happens if my wall is bigger than 8ft x 10ft ?
If the wall is bigger I would suggest centralising the Walltastic™.
What happens if my wall is smaller than 8ft x 10ft ? It can be trimmed to size.
What is the estimated delivery time for mural wallpaper ?
You can select delivery options when placing you order 1-3 working days or 3-5 working days.
Most items are in stock and you will be notified if anything is not.
How is it delivered ? 
Mural wallpaper is supplied in a lovely presentation box.
Can I buy these products in Mothercare or other diy shops?
No Mothercare and other shops such as B&Q do dot have these items
See our installation video here

Each of our childrens bedroom wallpaper murals are of the very highest quality and are very easy to put up as they come in 12 laser cut pieces for easy handling & application.
Children''s Mural wallpaper makes a great feature wall and can also be used to decorate walls in Schools , Play rooms, Hospitals even to decorate a babies nursery.

Decorating & designing boys & girls bedrooms is now great fun. Childrens bedroom walls can be themed in a number of ways. Why not use a combination of wallpaper murals & Giant wall stickers on other walls.
Fun-Decor is the place to come for ideas when designing and decorating childrens bedrooms. Boys , girls and babies bedroom decoration ideas all in one place.

Any Questions ? Please ask.  Home
Childrens Mural Wallpaper themes include :
Football Crazy / Fairy Princess / Space / Horse & Pony / Nursery Rhymes / Jungle adventure / Sea Adventure / Dinosaur Land  / Farmyard Fun 

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