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Dinosaur themed bedroom decoration ideas

    Great ways to theme childrens bedrooms, School classroom or waiting area.
     Dinosaur Wallpaper , Dinosaur Wall Stickers,
Dinosaur Wall Mirrors

T-Rex wall sticker


Dinosaurs wall stickers
With a difference - SIZE !! These wall applications are great for a quick room makeover or part of a full dinosaur themed room, School classroom or even a waiting area such as a Doctors surgery or a Hospital ward / corridor.
What colud be easier than Peel and Stick ?
With loads pictures childrens favourite dinosaurs to choose from, together with a selection of Jungle trees & plants to complete the theme. 

Visit our Giant Sticker Shop
Sizes range from 9" to a whopping 80" (floor to ceiling)
To get an idea See the bottom of this page


Dinosaur Land Walltastic








Dinosaur Land wallpaper Murals - Choice of 2 designs
This is a new concept in childrens wallpaper design. It creates a stunning scene that amazes children of all ages, boys & girls alike. This Jurassic wallpaper includes various pictures of dinosaurs including the fearsome T-Rex.
These childens wallpaper mural's fit all walls up to 10ft x 8ft if your wall is smaller just simply trim to suit, if its bigger why not add a frame that will give the effect of looking out of an opening.
The murals are printed on to wallpaper and therefore easy to do yourself. No need to artistic skils. Each mural is made up from 12 pieces for easy handling and will only take around 1 1/2 Hours from start to finish.
You'll be amazed with the result ! as were people on ITV's 60 minute makeover show.

Dinosaur Land is just one of 35 designs available at Fun-Decor.com
Two Dinosaur designs are available.   
Buy now Design 1    Buy Now Design 2

Walltastic Dinosaur Wallpaper

Dozy Dinosaur wall stickers









Dozy Dinosaurs Stickers - New !
A fantastic new range of kids cartoon style Dinosaurs wall stickers. They create a stunning effect that little children love, boys & girls alike. Simpe peel and stick process. there are loads of pictures of funky Dinosaurs included in the pack, plenty to do a whole room
These stickers can be used on walls and furniture. 

Only £54.95 for a 4 sheet set   Take a look

You'll receive a box containing four sheets of glossy dinosaur stickers, each sheet measuring 120cm x 60cm. This gives you plenty of stickers to complete your mural.
We now have these all these stickers available on one sheet prices at £22.50  

Was £22.50  Sale Price £15.00
if the kids love Ice Age these products are for them.


Dinosaur Shaped Wall Mirrors
Dinosaur mirror

Dinosaur shaped wall mirrors are a perfect way to fiish off a boys or girls room. If you want a real Jurassic Park themed room then this mirror looks stunning with our three other dinosaur designs.  Ideal for bedrooms and playrooms.  Available in a range of sizes and themes. Just add a few pictures of dinosaurs perhaps some dinosaur stickers or a dinosaur mural. These mirrors are made from acrylic and are therefore very strong and will not shatter, making them idea for kids rooms. We can create shapes that cannot be acheived with conventional glass mirrors and the reflection is just as good infact you cannot tell the difference.

Trees and plants

With these jungle trees & jungle plant stickers you can complete a Dinosaur themed mural, the scale of these stickers match the scale of the dinosaur decals and really do finish the room off.  Ideal for creating a stuning prehistoric dinosaur scene.

Visit our Giant Sticker Shop to see what we have on offer. A supurb selection of Giant decals used in Childrens rooms, Nurseries, School classrooms, Hospitals & Doctors waiting areas.

Dinosaur themed decor

Dinosaur Stickers Include the following :
Tyrannosaurus Rex  (Large & small stickers)

Stegosaurus -
(Large & small stickers)
Dinosaur Egg
(Large & small stickers)
Tyrannosaurus  Rex
(Large & small stickers)

Or see the whole Dinosaur Range

Follow one of these Links to other wild animal wall stickers
Jungle Animals  -  Farm Animals  -  Sealife  -  Birds - Jungle Plants

Each of our GIANT themed wall decoration stickers can be used individually, or combined to create a stunning wall mural, for a childrens nursery, an infants bedroom or even a kids wall mural inside a playhouse, Your kids will love these unique stickers, they will transform your childrens bedroom, or nursery in minutes!
They will not damage the wall in any way when removed.
These wall stickers are not only for kids but adults too, School classrooms, waiting areas, hospitals etc

Kids Dinosaurs










See how big they are !!

Fun Decor.com supply these Dinosaur themed wall stickers, wallpaper murals and mirrors etc not just to the UK but all over the world including Australia. We have also supplied our products to the ITV for their 60 Minute makeover programme, and to the BBC for DIY SOS.


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