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Giant Wall Sticker Instructions

Information on our Giant Animal Wall Stickers

Wild animal wall stickers

Important Information

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All images are printed on self-adhesive, peel and stick polyester. The stickers are designed for indoor use on any flat, clean, dry surface.

The stickers are removable. Adhesive will not remain on the wall when the stickers are removed.

Adheres to almost any smooth, dust free clean surface such as metal, wood, glass, cardboard, paper, plastic.
It is recommended that one sticker is used as a test for 24/48 hrs before any other stickers are used. Fun Decor will only make a refund on unused stickers plus the test sticker if it is found not to stick for any reason.

Do not place a sticker within reach of a young child's crib or bed to avoid the possibility of the sticker falling into the infant''s possession without supervision. Avoid placing the stickers near direct sources of heat.
Do not place stickers on newly painted surfaces


Application Instructions
Only apply the sticker to a smooth, clean and dry surface. The sticker may not adhere properly if applied to uneven or textured surfaces. It may also not stick very well if the wall has not been cleaned to remove any dust. If the walls have been recently painted we recommend leaving the wall to fully dry and cure (3-4 weeks) . Remove entire backing. Be careful not to bend or kink the sticker. After backing is removed, press exposed sticker to surface. Finish by softly rubbing the entire sticker with a soft cloth, making sure to include all edges. On the larger stickers it may be easier to peel and stick a top portion first and then remove the remaining backing. Finish by rubbing with a soft cloth. If, after completion, you are unhappy with the positioning, simply remove and stick again. If the sticker does not stick well or curls at the edges, follow the instructions below.

To apply to rough or glossy surfaces - Special Surfaces
The stickers work best on flat walls with clean, dry flat paint. They will work on other surfaces with varying degrees of success. When you get your order, if possible try a small sticker. If it doesn''t stick well, you can use an adhesive that does not melt or dissolve Polystyrene such as 3M® Super77. To use a spray adhesive lay some newspaper down and place the sticker face down on the newspaper. Spray the adhesive on the back of the sticker and let it dry for 15 minutes (or as spray manufacturer instructs). The adhesive should be dry when you put the sticker up or it will create a more permanent bond. Be careful not to get glue on the face of the sticker. Very glossy surfaces might require extra glue as well. For these cases an adhesive such as 3M® Hi-Strength 90 can be used. We recommend that this procedure be used in high traffic and commercial installations such as nursery schools and paediatric centres. The use of a 3rd party adhesive is not guaranteed in any way.

Cleaning stickers
Use a cloth or paper towel moistened with water only and gently blot. Do not soak, rub or use soap or abrasives. The stickers can be damaged by moisture. We recommend keeping them dry.

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